Shock Video! Gov. Caught Lying About Vaccine Dangers

When I was a kid, “Vaccination” was called “Immunization”.  But then the name was changed.  Why?  It’s actually very simple.  It became obvious as far back as the 1960’s that these inoculations did NOT impart immunity.  So the ‘immunization’ word was dropped and “vaccination” introduced.

The trouble is, that the general public still uses the terms interchangeably and is unaware that a vaccinated child remains vulnerable to the disease he or she was ‘immunized’ (I mean vaccinated) against.

This is KEY because whether you are pro or anti vaccination, I am 100% sure you are PRO your child’s safety and welfare.  And this is something I want more focus on.  Both pro and anti vaccine advocates want the SAME thing.  We ALL want the best for our children.

The question is, how do we discover what is in our children’s best interests?

If you are bold enough to catch just a glimpse of the genuine scientific concerns, I urge you to watch past the first 3 minutes of this video.