Climate Change is a HOAX!

I know! This is a VERY unpopular statement!

But it happens to be based on rather simple observations. I am NOT suggesting that the climate isn’t changing. It IS!
Nor am I suggesting that we can ignore pollution of our oceans, air, fresh water and food. We CAN’T!

What I AM saying is that the climate IS changing, and it’s got nothing to do with us killing ourselves with toxins and electro-smog.

Why is this so important? Because government advisors KNOW that no amount of clean-up will ‘positively’ affect CO2 emissions. So they can legitimately say it’s irrelevant. Because it IS!

Protesters, PLEASE protest about plastics in our oceans, air pollution in our cities, microwave radiation in our homes and schools, stray viruses and contaminants in our vaccines, hormone and drug residues in our drinking water and radiation leaks from our power stations. Because THESE are IRREFUTABLE problems.

Leave the climate alone. It’s been happily changing with enormous swings for millions of years, and when we’ve worked out how to be squeaky clean our beautiful planet will continue to breathe. So we’d better get used to it.