Coronavirus – The Solution

I’m going to keep this VERY short. The Coronavirus currently sweeping through China is not behaving like a normal coronavirus and should not be underestimated.

Here, Mr Keshe describes a very simple way to make a GANS-filtered water to resolve not just the coronavirus, but many viral, respiratory infections.


In 2018 Iranian nuclear physicist, Mr Keshe of the Keshe Foundation presented a new understanding of what a virus actually IS.  With this knowledge, the then went on to eradicated a complex and lethal virus  ‘African Swine Fever’ in pigs, in a matter of days, and repeat this in multiple trials with hundreds of cases.

It is with this level of understanding that he has now gone public with the solution for the coronavirus, influenza virus and other respiratory, viral infections.

Please share this information with people you know. Viruses don’t respect borders and with air travel, who knows where it will take hold next?