Don’t Call It Autism ! says Dr Goldberg

I want you to know about Dr Michael Goldberg.  He is swimming upstream of a rip-tide of blindness that is breathtaking!

Somehow over the past 40 years the medical profession has got into a comfort zone about a devastating disease that is stealing our children from under our noses.  And this has to stop!

I don’t agree with everything Dr Goldberg says.  He sites acute mercury poisoning symptom pictures to disprove the possible connection between chronic, low grade and very different mercury poisoning symptoms, and ‘autism’ for example.

BUT where I ABSOLUTELY agree with him, is that if we drop the autism label and identify neurological inflammation, deterioration, hypoxia and reduced blood flow, the medical profession stops sitting on its hands and is OBLIGED to go in search of the causes, and infections simply MUST be one of those causes.  If you are unaware of how likely this is then please watch another video I have posted, regarding Strep A and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder here.

Here is a brief introductory video regarding his work:

For a far more extensive presentation by Dr Goldberg himself, please watch this second video.

My one concern in showing you this, is that it might lead to pharmaceutical interventions which themselves may prove counter-productive.  Still confirming the causes is where we must all start.