Egyptian study confirms autism link with mercury in vaccines

Even though no less than 6 American studies have demonstrated a link between autism and mercury from vaccines and amalgam fillings, you won’t hear about it in the media.

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for 70% of all advertising revenue.  So which media outlet would go against them and expect to be in business the following month as all their advertising gets pulled?


Now, and Egyptian study has confirmed the connection and the international community is beginning to catch on.

The new research is entitled Altered urinary porphyrins and mercury exposure as biomarkers for autism severity in Egyptian children with autism spectrum disorder, and was published in the journal Metabolic Brain Disease, . The study found that children with high biomarkers for mercury and lead were strongly correlated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Here is a section from the abstract:

Urinary porphyrins were evaluated within the three groups using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), after plasma evaluation of mercury (Hg) and lead (Pb) in the same groups. Results showed that children with ASD had significantly higher levels of Hg, Pb, and the porphyrins pentacarboxyporphyrin, coproporphyrin, precoproporphyrin, uroporphyrins, and hexacarboxyporphyrin compared to healthy controls and healthy siblings of the ASD children.

For more information on this topic, please refer to this Natural News article.  Or this Newstarget article.