Free Energy Food and Medicine – Plasma Part 1

On the 13th of October 2015 Mr Keshe, an Iranian nuclear physicist revealed that pallet loads of free energy devices will soon run a home, have been distributed amongst the poorest people in Italy and elsewhere in the world.  But that’s just the beginning…

3 days later, Keshe gathered ambassadors from around the world and told them what they were about to face.

What he revealed, is so preposterous that without some background, you will dismiss it out of hand, so I am going to give you a brief framework before getting back to my research.

You see, Keshe’s one ‘simple’ observation is already releasing energy from the ‘ether’ causing matter to levitate, illnesses to heal, pains to vanish, amputated digits to regrow and water to replace the most nutritious meal imaginable.

Quite literally, in a single move, this discovery has the potential, to quickly free us from our dependency on oil, nuclear, coal, pharmaceuticals and the agricultural complex.

It has become possible to perform Alchemy on the run, and literally ‘magic’ almost anything out of thin air.  I say ‘magic’ because that’s what it looks like.  But it’s not.  It’s physics.

1 hour and 58 minutes into his presentation to the World’s ambassadors, Mr Keshe does a little doodle on the flip chart, and explains how to make blood out of thin air in a plastic cup.

While most scientists, doctors and even naturopaths are stuck in the old paradigm of matter, elements, minerals, vitamins and toxins, a few of us have been looking the other way.  Hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent dissecting one particle after another in search of ‘the God particle’, while a handful of enlightened individuals, like Hahnemann, Yurkovsky and Keshe, have grappled with the ‘field’ which fills the space between the particles.

Then, a decade or so ago Mr M T Keshe proposed that gravity and magnetism were not primary forces at all, but were in fact artefacts of another force or field referred to as Plasma and that understanding plasma, would make every peasant a master of his or her environment.

Plasma is a spiralling energy.  It is invisible but is everywhere, making up 99.999% of the universes.  You see its footprint in everything, from the  spiralling of a galaxy to the twist in the trunk of an oak tree, to the architecture of a shell.  But until Keshe, man had failed to identify it.

Shell spiral

In this new model, it is the plasma, spiralling into one side of a sphere and out of the other, that gives it a North and South pole.  Two North poles repel.  This is the ‘magnetic force’.  When a North and South come together, they attract, which is what we refer to as gravity.  Since magnetism and gravitation are actually two expressions of the same spiralling plasma, Keshe has put the two together and renamed them “MaGrav” fields.

It transpires that every material has a MAGRAV field.  Under the right conditions, copper can be made to magnetise or repel copper, wood and plastics can do it too.  It just depends on the environment.

As early as the 1920s, scientists including Victor Schauberger insisted through experimentation, that plants and animals created elements out of nothing in their tissues.  But it was only a year ago, when Keshe demonstrated to Japanese farmers on Youtube, how they could clean their land of radioactive isotopes, that the spontaneous creation of new materials became self evident.

What this demonstrated is that given the right conditions, it is possible to draw materials out of the atmosphere and produce a nano-coat or layer of a new element on a conductive plate.

What has the spontaneous creation of  new materials got to do with medicine?  Well – until now, we have assumed that we must consume minerals to have them available to the body.  But now it must be accepted that we can manufacture them to some degree for ourselves.  Of course, this exquisite capability would not be left to random chance. So when we see mineral imbalances, something else must be going on.

I am not saying for one minute that you should not eat nutritious foods, but I AM suggesting that your body has probably worked out the best mineral balance under your particular circumstance at any given moment and that it is ensuring those conditions by virtue of its plasmatic, magnetic gravitational fields.

Keshe showed the Japanese farmers that a few scraps of metal dropped into a caustic bath would automatically coat themselves with ‘nano-layers’ of precious metals.  These newly created elements could be used to attract the radioactive waste from the fields.

In the body, it is our bones that are the ‘plates’ creating the perfect mix of chemistry out of thin air, to support our every moment.  But it is more complex than that.  The brain controls the bones.  And different bones nourish the blood for different organs.  This is so precise, that Keshe can determine the health of the prostate, by looking at the quality of the bones of the ankles, lower ribs and shoulder. This is because he has established that these areas of bone coordinate with the brain to nourish the prostate.  If the bone deteriorates, so does the health of the prostate.

bone matrix

No wonder then, that Keshe’s first 4 hours of medical lectures focus entirely on the bones.

It is of course beyond the scope of this article to discuss individual disease conditions and Keshe’s approach to recovery, but it is, I think, obvious that if an incorrect plasmatic, magnetic, gravitational environment is created, then the material outcome (the shape, form and performance of the tissue) will be faulty.

So a faulty body part must necessarily be the result of a corrupted MAGRAV field.

Knowing that, what makes more sense to you.  Should we surgically or chemically alter that body part, or provide nutrients in the hope that the fields will correct themselves?  Or should we learn how to observe and control the MAGRAV fields themselves and re-orientate them to bring the tissue back to its intended form and function, and properly support our life and our health in this way?

Finally, after 15 years I can better explain why it is that Field Control Therapy is so powerful.  We are literally re-orientating plasma.  And that re-orientation restores the body’s ability to materialise what it needs, when it needs it, in a constant alchemical dance.

In truth, everything we have ever done has manipulated these fields.  Every drug, herb, mineral, photon, electron and even thought has been altering the plasma.  But until now, we have been doing it blindly.  Today though, thousands of individuals around the world are focusing their efforts on learning and teaching every aspect of this open source discovery, and the future is very bright indeed!

I look forward to bringing you more.

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