Liver Cleansing Massage

Here, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt demonstrates a fast, practical, physical means of clearing the liver.  This diagonal massage compresses the liver and pumps the thousands of bile ducts to assist in mobilising congested bile, toxins and parasites out of the liver.

According to him, this is a tool that he has found to be tremendously helpful in working with autistic children who will not put up with castor oil packs and find it hard to liver flush with supplements.

One important observation is that a toxin binder is advised.  This should ideally be taken 2 hours before the massage, so that the binder (Chlorella, charcoal, IMD etc) is in the right position to receive the released toxins and prevent them from recirculating in the blood and back to the liver, in what is referred to as the ‘hepatic loop’.

Clearing the liver will not only help digestion, but is also expected to reduce food reactions, particularly as the parasite load is reduced.

The whole procedure only takes about 3 minutes and may be repeated regularly.  Always wait until any resulting flu-like or toxin related symptoms have passed before repeating the process.