Lower Blood Pressure 15 Points or More Without Drugs

With 22 clinical studies and a 90% success rate behind it I can’t ignore this very clever little tool.  Not only does it somewhat mysteriously lower blood pressure by 15 to 20 points or more, very reliably, but it also leads to a natural increase in Nitric Oxide.


You are probably aware that the ‘little blue pill’ triggers a release of nitric oxide, resulting in improved erections, but artificially forcing the situation with a drug is fought with problems.  So it is FAR better to have an alternative that leads to natural release that follows the body’s true bio-rhythms.

And in case you were wondering, it’s not just men who benefit.  You see Nitric Oxide causes vaso-dilation.  It relaxes and expands the blood vessels.  This of course is good news for blood pressure, but also for blood flow to the extremities and particularly the brain.

Perhaps the most encouraging thing about this little machine is that the drop in blood pressure, the vaso-dilation and the improved erectile function all come in conjunction with, or possibly because of a shift in the central nervous system.

One aspect of the central nervous system is called the Autonomic Nervous System.  It is the part that handles all bodily functions (including blood pressure) unconsciously.  It in turn, divides in two.  The Sympathetic, which is alert, responsive and reactive, and the Parasympathetic, which is the rest and recovery side of the equation.

This Parasympathetic system can be triggered by sleep, meditation, relaxed walking and apparently the Zona Plus.  It is ultimately the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, that determines whether we recover from a condition or continue in a degenerative spiral.

No blood pressure medication exists that can re-balance the Autonomics, so when I saw this, I was more than a little surprised.  And frankly if it weren’t for Dr Keith Scott Mumby’s endorsement I would have a hard time believing it.  Fortunately for all of us though, Dr Keith is not only a British trained doctor from the days when the UK training was revered around the world, but as he likes to proclaim, he is also a member of mensa.  Most importantly to me though, is his vast, eclectic knowledge and honesty even when it’s not popular.


Here then is a link to Dr Keith’s explanation and sales page.  He is, I am sure, making a pretty penny off the back of this.  But I’d rather that than making the same amount or more from the sale of dangerous chemical compounds with nasty side effects.

I hope this article has been helpful and that you will share it with those who need it.