MMR – Freedom of Information Act SHOCK!

As I write, another suggestion that we should make vaccination has just been broadcast on the radio. Why is that?

Well, I think it has to do with the recent release of the FDA’s own shocking data that they have hidden from view since 1978.

Please publish this on ANY form of media you have access to. I don’t care if you only have three facebook friends. You could still save lives.

One thing more to mention. Until the 1960s, huge numbers of people got measles without a hitch. And if a child got the mumps, parents would collect all the kids in the area together for a ‘mumps party’ because it was known that mumps as a child is pretty innocuous but is more problematic for adults.

Why not learn about other, simple solutions to viral infections, like nebulising mild hydrogen peroxide:

Or taking high dose vitamin A, now known to trigger rapid increase in interferon?