Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms Resolve with Cannabis

This is a very brief article about marijuana and Parkinson’s disease.  It is brief because the video is self explanatory.  Seeing, as they say is believing.

My purpose in publishing this video here, is not to suggest that everyone who has Parkinson’s will have the same level of success with cannabis.  But it does demonstrate that at least some of the symptoms of the disease may not be attributable to cell death since cannabis cannot bring the cells back to life.

Another significant observation, is that there is more and more data suggesting that toxins and infections may be responsible for triggering neurological inflammation and that the cellular changes seen in the brains of a variety of neurological diseases may actually be the body’s best attempt at an antimicrobial defense.  Neurofibrillary tangles tangles have recently been found to to have anti-microbial properties.

As recently as May 2016 a paper was published by DK Kumar et al, disclosing that Beta Amiloyd plaques protect against microbial infection.  This paper happens to focus on Alzheimer’s disease, but across the board, scientists are waking up to a whole new reality about the brain/immune system relationship and the fact that our brains are far from the sterile environments we were led to believe.

What effect vaped marijuana may have on neurological infections is not clear.  But, since its effects wear off in a matter of hours, this is probably not the mode of action leading to reduction in symptoms.  None the less, the effects can be dramatic.

Here is an update by the gentleman concerned: