Red Cross Malaria Cure Cover Up

In December 2012, the Red Cross were filmed irrefutably curing 154 out of 154 malaria patients with 15 drops of sodium chlorite activated with a few drops of citric acid.  The cures were complete within 48 hours and the cost was a small fraction of a penny.

Then, just a few months later, they denied all knowledge of the trial.

The trouble is that every step of the process was filmed, and I want you to see it right here.  Since one child dies every minute of this disease, I am not prepared to let anyone plead ignorance.  This is genocide.

Don’t let them get away with it!  Please watch and then share this on Facebook.  Thank you.

The substance used to purify water since the early 19 hundreds, and used here to cure malaria, is now known as MMS, or miracle mineral solution.  And it has gained a VERY bad reputation!

Why would that be?

By 2012, Jim Humble, the creator of MMS (a more refined version of Activated Oxygen Drops that have sold for decades) had already cured over 100,000 cases of Malaria.  Even before he had perfected it though, he was prevented from continuing in Guyana, because a number of American owned drug companies had contacted the Guyanese government to inform them they would withdraw their drugs from the African hospitals if Humble was allowed to continue.

But of course there was more to it than that.  MMS is an oxidant.  A radical, not just capable of knocking out the malaria parasite, but a whole host of other viral and bacterial infection to boot.  And it couldn’t be patented.

In 2013 I stood in front of perhaps 200 entrepreneurs, some with direct African connections and I presented the evidence.  After an enthusiastic response, people came to me for website links and further information.  One drug company employee enthusiastically told me he would present this to his board.  He was actually quite shocked when I told him they already knew.

Incredibly, despite the smear campaigns and the imprisonment of some selling this simple molecule, Jim Humble and MMS have endured and now, millions around the world understand the significance of this discovery and own bottles of this little miracle.

Let me close with a question.  If your child succumbed to a virus against which he or she had already been vaccinated, or a family member contracted MRSA, or West Nile Fever, Dengue, Malaria, Influenza or Sepsis, how would you respond?

And what would you do if your friend never told you there was a simple solution?

Don’t be that friend.  We’ve ALL got to wake up.  Please spread the word.  Thank you.