SEPSIS – Cured with IV Vitamins C, B1 and Steroid

The 40% death rate drops to just 1% with this remarkable I.V. infusion!

Make no mistake – Sepsis is a killer.  It has been the single most common cause of death in hospitalised patients for decades.  And there is a good chance your hospital won’t know about this recently published breakthrough.  So I suggest you bookmark this page in case you need it.

Sepsis strikes fast, and despite current best efforts, it leaves a trail of organ failure and death in its wake, with some 40% of victims unable to recover in developed nations and as high as 60% mortality in developing nations.

But in January 2016 Dr Marik made a remarkable breakthrough.  He combined Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) with a Cortico Steroid and Thiamine (Vitamin B1) in an intravenous infusion with a startling result.  The patient he fully expected to die over night was well on the way to recovery when he returned to the hospital the following morning.

After his first patient, a 53 year old woman overcame her severe septic shock against all odds, Dr. Marik proceeded to use his protocol on 47 more patients over the following 7 months.  Of these, only 4 died (8.5%) and there were no organ failures.  On closer examination however, it transpired that all four of these deaths were not in fact due to the sepsis, but were attributable to the patients’ underlying conditions.

Dr Marik compared these results with those of his previous 47 sepsis patients and found that 19 (40.4%) of these had died prior to the discovery of the new protocol.

At the time of writing this article, Dr Marik has overseen more than 150 administrations of this entirely safe and side effect free intervention and the mortality rate has fallen to less than 1%.

In this brief video you can hear first hand from the nurses at EVMS, where the protocol was discovered.

Since some 20 million people contract sepsis every year around the world with such a high mortality rate, the implications of spreading the word about this protocol are huge.  But it is not just a question of mainlining a shot of vitamin C and expecting miracles.  There are clear and defined steps in administering this simple procedure as one part of the total care package and this is outlined in more detail in the video below.

Please share this life-saving information with friends and family, and most importantly with your physician and hospital.

Thank you.