Micro-Current Reverses Severe Burns in 2 Weeks!

Is Micro-current the greatest medical revolution of our time?
According to Dr Keith Scott Mumby it is.

I first discovered microcurrent therapy back in 1998, and it was actually John and Lorry Hache, featured in this webinar who taught me to use the Rusian space technology SCENAR.

Even then, the results were phenomenal, but now, things have got a great deal more sophisticated, and the results you will see in the webinar are actually quite predictable.

While the technologies featured in the video above are remarkable for trained therapists treating acute situations, my current favourite devices are the ‘Arc’ family.  These small devices are made to be worn.  There is no learning or training to be done.  You simply strap them around an arm or leg and leave them to get on with systemic healing.

Arcequine Images2

At the time of writing, there is much that is not yet published about these ‘small wonders’ but if you, your loved one or your pet, large or small needs help of any kind, I can only encourage you to call Arcequine in the UK on 0044 (0)1580 755504

They are even offering a £50 discount with this code: AE5146  So be sure to use it!