Spaceship Medicine is Here NOW.

On the 27th of September 2019, delegates at the Keshe Foundation Global conference in Vienna were introduced to a plasmatic spaceship technology called the Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit.

This system is entirely non-invasive, and simply creates field effects similar to those that nurture us in the mother’s womb.  This allows cells anywhere and everywhere in the body to process themselves back to their original state.

Delegates including government ministers, doctors and knowledge seekers experienced these fields for themselves. They also, witnessed a man in his late 50s walk and get into a car on his own, just 4 days after being admitted to a hospital in a wheelchair with a progressive neurological condition that he was not expected to survive for more than two years.

Then on the 3rd of October 2019, Mr Keshe revealed the system and its implications in the public teaching: (Click Here to go straight to the relevant section)

As you will hear, we anticipate that in just a few short years, hospitals will look very different from today.

If you are a doctor or medical professional wishing to invest in one of these systems, please follow this link.