Spontaneous Cancer Recovery After Organs Had Shut Down

Anita Moorjani reveals many important clues about health, disease, consciousness, life and death in this remarkable interview.

She went from a coma and organ shut down at the culmination of stage 4 lymphoma, to complete spontaneous recovery in a matter of weeks.  Her multiple tumours reduced by 70% in 4 days and she knew she was healed the moment she returned to her body from her out of body, near death experience.

Anita has gone on to write a powerful book called ‘Dying to be Me’.  In it, she not only goes into the years of illness, and spontaneous recovery, but she reveals her fundamental understanding that her disease came about as a result of failing to live her life authentically.  She lived from a sate of fear, and sees how many of us live this way.

If there is one message we can all learn, it is to be ourselves and love life!