The Climate Change HOAX – Part 2

What exactly IS the Climate Change HOAX?

The hoax is NOT that the climate is changing.  It IS!
And it is not that we are polluting the environment and destroying rainforest.  We ARE!

The HOAX is that our disastrous actions are the CAUSE of the changing climate.  They are NOT!

How am I so sure?  Well, for one, all the planets in our solar system are undergoing climate change.  But even that is not the point.   

The point is that if enough people INSIST that we ARE responsible for climate change, governments have no choice but to respond with a ‘SOLUTION’.  And if we all focus on the WEATHER, what will that ‘solution’ be?

WEATHER MANIPULATION and NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS!  That’s not what you want.  Is it?
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, this short video from 2015 will bring you up to speed. (Thank you Oliver)
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Climate Change is the new Terrorism.  It is a nebulous, political term that puts everything in one basket and allows us all to abdicate responsibility.  

Instead of obediently running around like headless chickens crying ‘The Sky Is about to FALL!’ We need to wake up to the fact that it ALREADY fell, and start doing the hard work of finding real solutions to the individual and diverse problems we are facing.

It is time to stop falling for propaganda and start taking responsibility for what we CAN affect.  It is time to understand that ‘research’ is NOT googling CNN or the BBC.

You and I can’t affect ‘Climate Change’.  It is too big and vague.  But we CAN pick up litter.  We can decide whether our children swallow fluoride, have teeth extracted, get mercury amalgam fillings and vaccines.  We can dramatically reduce our exposure to microwave radiation, influence agriculture by buying organic, move our money to banks that don’t fund war, buy products from companies that don’t pollute and boycott those that do.

And most importantly, we can stop believing what we are told as fact, and get educated.  It is ONLY with proper analysis and clear thinking that CORRECT solutions present themselves.  And believe me, they ARE coming.

The future is bright.