The END of GcMAF

Over the past couple of hours I have been through a rapid re-eduction By Dr Marco Ruggiero, the inventor of ‘Goleic’ the GcMAF product, now banned in the UK.
And I have to say I am somewhat shocked.

Last time I witnessed Dr Marco lecturing, was about a year ago in Guernsey.  I was gaining knowledge and attempting to evaluate whether I should travel to Switzerland with a family member for Goleic treatment administered there.

Wrong GcMAF Model

I was so impressed by the results I saw at that lecture, both reported by Dr Marco and voiced by audience members, that we did indeed make the trip to Switzerland, where profound progress was made in what I believe was a life-saving treatment protocol that went on for months after the intensive treatment at the clinic.

Today though, Dr Marco for whom I have immense respect revealed that we were seeing all the right benefits for all the wrong reasons. In fact, just about everything we thought we knew about GcMAF turns out to be wrong.


So why does it work?  And can it be improved upon?

In the video below (which opens in a new tab), Dr Marco first dismantles the Goleic hypothesis one piece at a time, and then he re-assembles the evidence to reveal a whole new picture, culminating in a new product, called Rerum.

Perhaps the biggest shock, is that it contains NO GcMAF AT ALL!

Non protein MAF

As you will see, the remarkable results originally attributed to GcMAF turn out to be due to the other ingredients in the Goleic protocol.  Firstly the Goleic contains Oleic Acid, originally discovered in olive oil.  This is a known anti-tumor factor.  Then there is the high dose vitamin D3 and thirdly there it the Bravo Yoghurt, which contains significant levels of Chondroitin Sulphate.

As you will see, Dr Marco sites a report as early as the seventeen hundreds confirming the efficacy of oleic acid in the treatment of cancer.  He also goes on to site a staggering numbers of research papers confirming the efficacy of chondroitin sulphate, in a bewildering array of conditions from herpes viruses and HIV to arthritis, MS and many cancers.  Add to this the ever growing tidal wave of research into the D vitamins, and you have a formidable trio indeed.

So what about the GcMAF?  Well, it turns out that this is not much more than a carrier protein, and an inconvenient one at that.  Not only is it a fragile, heat sensitive blood derivative, but the whole hypothesis that it is inhibited by an enzyme called Nagalase has now been debunked.

Rerum on the other hand, is a food supplement, comprising chondroitin sulphate, oleic acid, vitamin D2 and D3.  And its effective surface area is 1000 times that of Goleic.  It is a very clever replication of a molecule found in nature.  It has none of the FDA restrictions of Goleic and is not even heat sensitive.  So no need for special shipping, refrigeration or freezing.


One negative from my perspective is the price.  It will be around €500 a bottle.  This is a justifiable price for a fragile blood product, but for a cleverly engineered combination of 3 food derivatives?  Well – You decide.  I am advised that there may be a way for practitioners to obtain bulk quantities for a very significant discount.  I shall be looking into this.

Of course it is easy enough to obtain all three of these ingredients and take them individually.  And at the end of the video Dr Marco does suggest that this is a valid option – but not an equivalent, particularly where speed is required.

Where does the Bravo Yoghurt fit in?
Fortunately, this flurry of new findings has no negative effect on the Bravo.  In fact the yoghurt ticks more of the boxes than the Goleic.  It is naturally high in chondroitin sulphate, contains oleic acid, replenishes the body with the 42 primary probiotic strains present in a baby at birth and may be administered either orally or rectally as an enema.

Bravo Yoghurt

When asked about casein sensitivity, Dr Marco responded that this sensitivity is actually to the break-down products of casein’s interaction with stomach acid, so rectal administration would overcome this obstacle.

Alternatively, if taken one spoon at a time and held in the mouth, the yoghurt will line the mouth, larynx and oesophagus and not reach the stomach.

The last alternative is to stir in digestive enzymes and leave the mixture for an hour before consuming.  This will break down the casein and leave the active ingredients intact.

All in all, the GcMAF story has been a tumultuous event, full of misinformation and conspiracy.  The net result however, now that the dust has settled, is that the excellent results I have seen first hand, are grounded in better understanding and solid science – and WITHOUT the need for the controversial GcMAF protein itself.  It stands to reason that these new discoveries and explanations will lead to even better results in the future. Enjoy the video (opens in a new tab).